What are Balayage Highlights?

So what is Balayage? Balayage in French translates to scanning or sweeping. It is a freehand highlighting technique employed by a Balayage salon (that is salons that provide or specialize in this style) for hair which is well known for its highly natural and gradated look. Conventional highlights tend to be applied very uniformly and when regrowth occurs, there can be a stark difference.

Because the technique is done freehand, this opens up a huge space for colorists and hair stylists to work their own unique magic on their customer’s hair. Many stylists are making a name for themselves for their style of highlighting or application.

Clients don’t universally have the same tastes, and so finding both a salon and stylist which can appeal to your sensibilities is very important here—Salon 833 has found huge success in this category! Our diverse team of stylists and available techniques is what keeps our clients coming back.

What Makes Balayage Different Than Conventional Highlights?

Conventional highlights use foil to separate hair so that it can be highlighted uniformly. Balayage highlights are done by hand and so there is much less contrast between the highlighted and non-highlighted portions.

This is especially important when going for a blonde look as the light colors make an easily contrasting canvas.

Another important aspect of Balayage is depth. Ordinarily, when applying color through traditional highlights, foil is used and so you get a strong color permeation which is what partially contributes to the contrast. It’s in the very name, as besides dying the color of your hair entirely, color highlights were used…to highlight. Naturally, that involves contrast.

However, with Balayage, the depth can be adjusted at will because it is applied by hand. This is what allows stylists to give their clients a gradates look that becomes lighter as you go further away from the roots. Because of the time it takes to do each individual highlight as well as the creative potential, going to a professional at a balayage salon is highly recommended instead of at home solutions.

How Much Maintenance Does It Require?

Balayage doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as traditional coloring techniques do because of the subtle contrasting. This simple fact means that the regrowth period is far less painful, as there is no major color difference suddenly growing out at the roots.

This is perfect for people who want a chic color styling option but are too busy to continually go back into the salon for constant touchups to prevent the look from “growing out”.

Depending on the style you choose, you can go even longer between appointments as compared to traditional highlights.

What Hair Types/Styles Is Balayage Suitable For?

Balayage can work well with both light and dark hair types. Length of hair does not matter with the exception of very short, cropped hair such as pixie cuts. There simply is not enough length to achieve the full gradated effect that Balayage provides.

Balayage Salon Chicago

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