It’s three months into 2019 and we’re starting to see some trends. At Salon 833, we work, live, and breathe hairstyles, so we know which ones are going to take over the salons next. Salon 833 provides a variety of hair and makeup services including bridal hair and makeup, hair extensions, Balayage, Japanese hair straightening, men’s grooming, highlights, and more! We know what hair trends to look for in 2019. We pride ourselves on representing the cutting-edge of hair and make-up trends, so if you’re interested in staying in-the-know, look no further than Salon 833 for all of your hair and makeup needs! Without further ado, here are some hair trends to look for in 2019:


Ombre is so 2015. 2019 is the year of the Balayage! What is Balayage? Well, Balayage is a French word that means “to paint” or “to sweep”. The pieces of your hair that have received the Balayage treatment should be soft and close at the root. As the treatment travels down the strands of your hair, the color will widen and thicken towards the end of your hair. Balayage is applied to the surface of each section of hair, then saturated throughout in a hand-done fashion. The streaks will look soft, glorious, and radiant; the Balayage treatment will add a certain level of depth and volume to your hair as well.

Balayage has been popular because it gives hair a beachy, sun-kissed look that everyone has been after. The ombre can often look artificial if not done correctly; however, the Balayage allows that sun-kissed look even if you don’t live in Florida! If you are interested in this hair coloring technique, make sure you get it done right. The haircare professionals at Salon 833 are trained in the art of the Balayage, and have given thousands of people that breezy, beautiful look that everyone is after.


You’ve heard about highlights and have probably had more than a few color sessions. But, have you heard about babylights? Babylights are a new trend that is shaking the hair world that will definitely have its time to shine during 2019. It is a highlighting technique that is similar to sombre, ombre, and splashlights, but it is certainly not the same. To create babylights, delicate highlights are given using a fine hair color process that creates looks hair trends to look for in 2019similar to the dimensional color witnessed in the hair of children. The process produces dynamic results, but the techniques are pretty standard. Just put a little bit of hair on the foil to create separations; the babylights will blend together with the base color of the hair to create natural, stunning results.

Lived-In Color:

This up-and-coming trend is a relatively new process, so you may have never heard of it; however, that isn’t stopping lived-in color from becoming all the rage. This subtle, lasting manner of highlighting the hair creates color that differs greatly from the color created by Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, or any other highlighting technique. The color usually ends up on the spectrum between blonde and brown, giving shimmer and elements of the best parts of both colors. The ashy strands will work together to create a waterfall of beautifully-colored hair that you will love.

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