What is Japanese Straightening–otherwise known as Japanese thermal reconditioning? Many women (and men!) struggle every day with a thick head of curly, frizzy hair. If you love your curls and enjoy rocking a curly or wavy hairstyle, more power to you! However, many teens and adults find themselves at odds with their thick and unruly manes. They want a little relief, they want to be able to wake up and go in the morning without having to blowdry, flat iron, and thoroughly condition hair to prevent the inevitable frizz that pops up in the presence of moisture or humidity. For them, treatments like Japanese Thermal Reconditioning are a dream come true!

The Benefits of Having Straight Hair

If you’re seeking pin-straight hair, this treatment is going to be a lifesaver for you. While wavy hair and curls have their own advantages—something many people come to appreciate later in life, straight hair certainly has some incredible benefits of its own.

For starters, straight hair benefits from having a tremendous amount of sheen. This is because straight hair reflects light better and thus has more sheen. Another benefit of having long hair is that when you get thermal reconditioning done, you automatically get a big boost to the length of your hair. Having curly or wavy hair, you quickly learn that it takes twice as long to grow your hair longer than our straight-haired sisters and brothers.

It’s also relatively easier to

What is Japanese Straightening?

The benefits stated, what exactly is Japanese Straightening? It’s essentially a procedure where chemical treatment is applied to your hair to straighten it. This works because the chemicals in the treatment break down the bonds in your hair that gives it shape, and then a flat iron is applied to the hair to “set” it to be pin-straight.

This procedure lasts about 4-6 months depending on how fast your hair grows and how long it currently is at the time of getting treatment. Japanese straightening is permanent only insofar as the batch of hair it’s used on, the new growth underneath the treated hair will come out in your original texture—the same as when you get color treatments.

This is why it’s always best to achieve your desired length for the hairstyle you want, and then get the procedure so that you can immediately take advantage of your new texture.

Taking Care of Your Hair After Japanese Straightening

It’s important that you do not wash your hair or put it into a ponytail for a 3-5 days after you get the treatment. You want to give the hair ample time to set.

Once the hair has set, you should commit to a weekly deep conditioning treatment—whether at home or a salon of your choice, to keep the hair moisturized and minimize any damage after the fact.

Japanese Straightening Salon Chicago

Salon 833 is your best bet if you want to get a professional Japanese straightening treatment performed. We’ve done the procedure with great success many times over and our clients are always satisfied!

We have a lot of experience cutting and treating hair with specialty treatments such as Balayage highlights, color treatments, Brazilian keratin treatment, hair extensions, and more!

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