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What Is Balayage and Why is it Popular?

What are Balayage Highlights? So what is Balayage? Balayage in French translates to scanning or sweeping. It is a freehand highlighting technique employed by a Balayage salon (that is salons that provide or specialize in this style) for hair which is well known for its highly natural and gradated look. Conventional highlights tend to be applied very uniformly and when regrowth occurs, there can be […] Read More

What is Japanese Straightening?

What is Japanese Straightening–otherwise known as Japanese thermal reconditioning? Many women (and men!) struggle every day with a thick head of curly, frizzy hair. If you love your curls and enjoy rocking a curly or wavy hairstyle, more power to you! However, many teens and adults find themselves at odds with their thick and unruly manes. They want a little relief, they want to be […] Read More

They Won’t Even Know With Hand Tied Hair Extensions

It’s a habit. When you’re idling around or feeling stressed, it’s natural to reach for your hair and tousle it and massage your scalp a bit. Yet, every time you do so, you could swear that the amount of thickness that runs through your fingers is less and less each time. “Am I imagining it?” You think to yourself every day. You probably aren’t, we […] Read More

Why Blow Drying is a Necessary Styling Tool

Whether you’re a woman or a man, blow drying styling tips are a necessary tool if you want to achieve the style of your dreams. A common scenario is a customer walking into a salon or barbershop and requesting a hairstyle based on a picture they saw. They end up getting the cut and even if the style is professionally done, they may find the […] Read More

What is a Razor Haircut?

One of the most fantastic things about styling and cutting hair is that there are a ton of different techniques and styling tools including a razor haircut to create subtle yet impactful differences in how hair is cut. It makes the difference not just between a good haircut and a bad one, but from an average stylist to a professional. This particular technique we’re going […] Read More

Hair Thinning? Maybe It’s Time for Nano Hair Extensions.

Morning after morning, you step into the shower and run your hands through your hair and massage your scalp. Before nano hair extensions, you pull your hands back in front of your face you examine them only to find that there are several strands of hair entangled between your fingers. There is a moment of panic and a sinking feeling in your gut. Even if […] Read More

Spring Hair Tips

Need some spring hair tips? Making the transition from Winter to Spring is often a welcome process for many people; out with the sweaters and in with the tank-tops! However, the coming Spring and Summer months also signal a change not just in your wardrobe, but in your hair-care as well. Seamlessly transition your haircare regiment from the cold winter months to the bright spring […] Read More

Tips for Thicker Hair

Are you looking for tips for thicker hair? There are a number of factors that can encourage or discourage hair loss/hair thinning and there are a number of ways to help slow down or reverse the process. Some of these factors include levels of stress, your diet, the proper supplementation, your age, your genes, your lifestyle choices, and the hair products you use. In this […] Read More

Hair Trends to Look for in 2019

It’s three months into 2019 and we’re starting to see some trends. At Salon 833, we work, live, and breathe hairstyles, so we know which ones are going to take over the salons next. Salon 833 provides a variety of hair and makeup services including bridal hair and makeup, hair extensions, Balayage, Japanese hair straightening, men’s grooming, highlights, and more! We know what hair trends […] Read More

Bridal Hair Salon Chicago

At Salon 833, we believe that beauty is individual and unique, with each person having their own definition of beauty. We want to prime your hair for one of the most important days of your life: your wedding day. Many factors go into what kind of hairstyle you are looking for during your wedding day. Where is it going to be located? On the beach? […] Read More