Why Should I Get a Razor Haircut?

Why Should I Get a Razor Haircut?


Why Should I Get a Razor Haircut?

Razor haircuts have become a trendy hairstyle and can be a unique look for many women. When we say razor cuts, we are not referring to clipper cuts or straight razors. The razor that Salon 833 uses is known as a feather razor. This tool has a toothed razor guard that can provide more texture to your hair than other methods. Here are some reasons why getting a razor cut could work for you.

Razor Haircuts Can Drastically Change Hair Texture

While traditional haircuts with shears created a more uniform look with blunt ends, razor cuts are known for creating textured ends and more fluid, natural movement of the hair than scissors. This method also allows stylists to seamlessly combine different lengths of hair without it looking like a mess. These types of haircuts could be beneficial for people with fine hair because they can make it appear fuller and less flat.

Razor Haircuts Can Be Easily Styled

Hair that is cut with a feather razor often takes less effort to style. The added texture and movement make it easier to style, allowing you to get a more natural and relaxed look without extensive and time-consuming heat styling.

Razor Haircuts Can Be Low Maintenance

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to spend so much time maintaining or worrying about your hair, a razor cut could be great for you, especially if it is cut short. However, we do not recommend a razor cut for all types of hair, you should consult the experienced stylists at Salon 833 when you arrive to find the best solution.

Ideally, people with thick, coarse hair look best with this style. Using a razor on people with frizzy hair can damage the ends and emphasize their frizziness even more. It’s best to avoid haircuts this way unless you are going for a particularly unique look.

Razor Haircuts Can Provide a Unique or Unconventional Look

Razor haircuts are a great way to stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind look. If you are looking for a bold new hairstyle that will catch everyone’s eye, this could be a better option than getting a traditional haircut with regular shears.

Get a Razor Cut at Salon 833 in Chicago, IL

Ultimately, getting a razor haircut comes down to your personal preference and the specific look you desire. If you like the idea of a more relaxed, textured, and effortlessly stylish haircut, a razor cut might be the right choice for you. But this haircut should be performed by a skilled hairstylist who knows how to use a razor properly to achieve your desired results. At Salon 833, our stylists are well-trained with feather razors and will be happy to discuss what you’re looking for before getting started. Please call us today at (312) 226-0833 or click this link to book your next appointment.