What is a Razor Haircut?

What is a Razor Haircut?


What is a Razor Haircut?

One of the most fantastic things about styling and cutting hair is that there are a ton of different techniques and styling tools including a razor haircut to create subtle yet impactful differences in how hair is cut. It makes the difference not just between a good haircut and a bad one, but from an average stylist to a professional. This particular technique we’re going to discuss is often used in shorter women’s cuts, but it is equally viable for men’s grooming as well! We’re talking about the razor haircut, of course!

What is a Styling Razor?

A styling razer is exactly what you might expect, it’s basically a straight edge razor that is used in achieving a certain effect on hair. A razor cut starts out the same as any ‘ol haircut, you take the hair down with a standard scissor cut and shape the hair as desired. However, the latter half of the haircut is finished with a razor as the finishing touch.

In general, there are only two types of razors used with this technique. One is a standalone straight edge razor that an experienced stylist can use to great effect. The other razer is one with a guard that prevents any mistakes or too much hair being shaved off due to inexperience or haste. If you’re a stylist who just starting out experimenting with razer cuts, this is a fantastic tool to gain some experience doing razor cuts while also not demolishing someone else’s hair.

What Kind of Effect Does a Razor Haircut Produce?

A razor is best used on hair that is thick and coarse but preferably not frizzy. The razor will be typically pointed at a 45-degree angle (which is considered the best angle to use for this tool) and your stylist will make strokes towards your ends which will produce a messy and jagged effect that looks really good on short and messy styles like bobs and pixie cuts, however, it can also be used to great effect on longer styles as well. The razor cut is a versatile styling technique that can produce a powerful jagged and whispy effect on the ends, unlike straight scissor cuts which end up being much more blunt on the ends which creates a more chunky look. Be warned though, many people who go in for a razor cut for the first time end up being shocked and appalled the first time they do so. When your stylist uses the razer to shave the ends of your hair, you’re going to hear an awful scraping sound that sounds like the stylist is doing something wrong or destroying your hair, this is not the case! That’s just the sound of the hair being shaved by the razor and it is completely natural.

Experienced Stylists in Chicago

Razor cutting is a phenomenally useful technique, if you haven’t heard of it you haven’t been going to the right salons! Many stylists shy away from doing razor cuts or suggesting them because it takes experience and a fair amount of skill to utilize a razor to its optimal effect. Making a mistake such as razoring too deep along the shaft of the hair can create a flat look due to the fact that the hair no longer has any bulk for support. Thankfully, at Salon 833 we have many experienced stylists who have a big toolbox to draw from to achieve any kind of haircut you can think of! Contact us here or call us at (312)-226-0833!