If you’ve always had wavy or frizzy hair, a stylist has probably recommended a keratin treatment in Chicago to you before. At Salon 833, we have a few very popular keratin treatments. Our most popular treatment is the Brazilian Blowout, a treatment popularized by celebrities in the mid-2000s. Some call this a miracle treatment; it turns frizzy and unkempt hair into an ultra-sleek and stylish look. Not all keratin treatments are created equal, and not all treatments are meant for every hair type or texture. If you’ve ever wondered what a keratin treatment entails, this article is for you!

Different Types of Keratin Treatment 

There are many different hair treatments out there that people will interchangeably call a ‘keratin treatment’. There are many smoothing treatments such as Cezanne and Goldwell Kerasilk, which help de-frizz hair without messing with the overall texture. We specialize in the Brazilian Blowout, which straightens out the hair texture and gives it a super-straight and flat-ironed look. If you’re happy with your curls, try a smoothing treatment to eliminate frizz while maintaining your texture.

Brazilian Blowouts in the Chicago Area

We offer Brazilian Blowouts in Chicago near Fulton Market, Old Town, West Loop, and Wicker Park. All hair-smoothing treatments involve the use of the protein keratin. This is why so many different treatments are grouped together under the umbrella term “keratin treatments”. A traditional keratin treatment like a Brazilian blowout will completely eliminate frizz for up to three months!

Smoothing treatments are formaldehyde-free and similar to a traditional keratin treatment. It smooths your hair but does not straighten it, and will last anywhere from four to six months.

Brazilian Blowouts Post Treatment

If you regularly get your hair colored, you should definitely color your hair beforehand, because you can’t really touch your hair for three days afterward. Clipping it back, putting it behind your ears, in a ponytail, or washing your hair can cause damage to the treatment. If your hair is colored, you run the risk of minimal fading; however, this is a very uncommon thing to occur.

What is a Brazilian Blowout

A Brazilian Blowout is our most popular treatment at our Salon. It works on pretty much every type of hairstyle and texture and eliminates frizz and promotes an intense shine. The Brazilian Blowout is a liquid keratin treatment that bonds to your hair to create a protective layer around each strand. The original treatment comes from Brazil, hence the name.

Our mild formula can be tailored to whatever type of hair you have or want. Depending on the length that we use the flat iron for, we can keep some of your curls or make your hair super-straight. Having a Brazilian Blowout can also cut down on the blow-dry time that is needed. If you usually blow-dry your hair for 30 minutes, expect to be able to accomplish it in 15.

High-End Hair Salon in Chicago

Our keratin treatments are pain-free and the best in the business. We use the latest technology, so our treatments only last about an hour to an hour and a half. Generally, it depends on how thick your hair is and what type of style you want. To keep your treatment looking good as long as possible, we recommend removing shampoos that contain sulfates and chlorine from your shower. The treatment will last about three to four months depending on the amount you look after it. Once it wears off, your hair will return to normal. If you’ve ever thought about getting a Brazilian Blowout or keratin treatment in Chicago, call us today! We are located in Chicago, Illinois on 833 West Grand Avenue. Give us a call at 312.226.0833 to book an appointment or speak with a specialist today!