Whether you’re a woman or a man, blow drying styling tips are a necessary tool if you want to achieve the style of your dreams. A common scenario is a customer walking into a salon or barbershop and requesting a hairstyle based on a picture they saw. They end up getting the cut and even if the style is professionally done, they may find the next day that when they attempt to do it themselves, it just doesn’t quite look the same. The secret sauce? Blow drying.

Blow Drying Styling Tips: The Most Simple and Effective Styling Tool

Many men avoid using heat styling tools simply for the misguided reason that they believe men’s haircuts are somehow less maintenance than women’s. These are not useful terms, the best way to think about it is short vs long hair, as it doesn’t matter who it belongs to. The length and texture of the hair ultimately dictate the use of styling tools.

In the case of blow-drying though, save for very short hair, it always comes in handy. Letting your hair air-dry is good for it in terms of avoiding heat damage, but heat damage from blowdryers can be avoided by investing in a quality blow dryer that has good heat regulation. Putting in a heavy cream or oil into your hair that offers heat protection is also a great way to moisturize your hair and prepare it for styling. Using heat protectants lets you get the best of both worlds, avoiding damaging your hair and reaping the benefits of heat styling!

Why Is Blow Drying So Effective?

Your hair shaft has cuticles that can open or close depending on certain conditions. The overlapping of these cuticles is the reason why your hair will feel the way it does. When your hair is frizzy or damaged, it’s really the cuticles that are damaged. Think of them like shingles on a roof, damaged hair has many cracked “shingles” that make the hair feel rough to the touch.

When you use heat styling, the cuticles on your hair open up and allow the hair to be more easily manipulated—AKA styled. In other words, blow-drying confers to benefits to achieving a more lasting and distinct style:

  1. It will dry your hair and provided you’re blow drying with good technique (aiming at the roots for good lift), you can gain a lot of volume from it.
  2. The heat along with proper styling/brushing will allow you to pre-mold your hair into the style you’d like to achieve.

Best Salon in Chicago

Blow drying styling tips go a long way in providing a foundation for a unique style. While you can do it at home, there are some things that professional stylists can do that you might not get with home treatment. For example, it’s much easier for a stylist to stand over your head and blowdry at different angles with a round bristle brush creating beautiful movement and shape than you might be able to home by yourself. For those special occasions, you can trust us to go the extra mile!

Salon 833 is a full-service professional Salon based in Chicago. We specialize in hair extensions, balayage highlights, Brazilian blowouts, and bridal makeup and hair. Of course, it goes without saying we have a highly experienced and knowledgable staff that give you blow drying styling tips and can cut your hair in any way you’d like! Contact us here to book an appointment today!