stunning wedding hair

Photo by Enrico Carcasci

When it comes to the big day, it’s so important you look and feel your best.

It goes without saying that you want to look and feel great, but don’t forget memories that grow through marriage are tied to the photos of your big event.

These are images you want to look back and treasure – both from the point of view of the way you look and from the fun you had preparing for the day.

Lesson learned the hard way

Kim, a work colleague of mine, recently got married. Upon returning to work after the wedding festivities and honeymoon were over, she said: “It was so much stress trying to make everything perfect I almost didn’t enjoy the day!” I nearly cried. Lesson learned – don’t overstress about your hair or anything! Your wedding must be enjoyable.

Let’s talk about a short success story before you cry too much with me for Kim. Another colleague, Jane, advised me how she had a ball getting ready for her big day. And it was a rather hair un-friendly outside venue.

She spent the day prior with all her favorite beauty specialists making sure everything was stress-free. On the day there were only styling and touchups needed. Her haircare adviser provided tips on what to do and not do with her style in the venue, and all went smoothly and successfully.

Find someone who knows you, knows your hair, and plans a stress-free hair-date, before the big event, to ensure both enjoyment and a trouble-free, stunning hairstyle for those photos.

Types of Hair Style

The style choice should be something that matches your face and dress well to show yourself in the best light.

Ask for Advice

Wedding Hair

Photo by Valerie Elash

Ask your partner, family, girlfriends, or work colleagues for advice. Work colleagues are great to ask, since they are often not close enough to want to lie to you, but close enough to care about the answer.

Also bonding over your choices as the day approaches can create great team spirit…as long as you don’t go overboard and encroach on every minute of every break!

Hair Color for your Wedding Day

If looking at a new color, experiment well in advance. Discuss options with your hair care professional, such as a sun tinted look with babylights or a sweeping balayage effect.

Extensions for your Wedding Day


Another option to experiment with might be extensions. This should also be looked at well in advance of the big day to avoid disappointment with results.

Extensions can be removed if they don’t look right, so best to check out the look earlier rather than later.

Final Word on Getting the Best Hair for a Wedding

The important point here about planning your hair for the wedding is that you do plan, and get advice.

Unless you’re already happy with your hair and then likely wouldn’t be reading this, you need to experiment in advance with what works for you, so that on the day, like my friend Jane who had it all planned, you’ll be stress-free.