If you have been thinking about updating your hair, summer just may be the time to do it. With more parties and festivities than usual, the warmer months are a great time to show off a new look. Of course, there are a lot of different options when it comes to what you want your new hairstyle to be. The change can be dramatic or can simply highlight what you naturally have- it’s your choice.
One option is to get hair extensions. Hair extensions will add volume, length and body to your hair. However, not all hair extensions are created the same. Nano extensions are the safest and fastest system in the world, and an exclusive at Salon 833 in Chicago. The Nano extensions are so great because they can add a large amount of volume and length in only minutes, while looking completely natural. Whatever system of hair extensions you decide to go with, make sure you get a consultation with hair experts and discuss which method is best for not only your personal hair type, but the life you lead as well.
Another way to give yourself a new summer look is to consider a new color. It’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to color, there are many different options and styles. Of course, you can choose a single color that you want to be applied root to tip. However, that is not the only option. Balayage is a good choice for those looking to obtain natural-looking highlights that won’t require as much maintenance when your hair grows out. This is because balayage is applied with a sweeping motion, and subsequently, won’t leave noticeable looking roots. It’s great for those desiring a more natural look. Of course, you could also go with more traditional highlighting services, which entail a more liberal application of the dye. This can be done via partial highlight, or full highlight, it just depends on how transformed you want your hair to look vs. how natural you’d like it to stay. Another option is a gloss/toner/refresh. This is typically applied to hair that has already been dyed, and simply need a tune-up. These services are less comprehensive, but provide the sheen and allure of a fresh dye. Of course, you could also choose to apply corrective color, to enhance the hues of your more natural shade. Vivid color application is also an option in terms of dye services, and will require consultation to decide which shades and hues to embrace for your own hair.
Of course, a blowout is another great option. Quicker and easier than the aforementioned options, a blowout is a great idea to get glam on the go. If you are interested in any of these transformative hair services, look no further than Salon 833. Salon 833 is the top salon in the Chicago area. If you are in need of hair styling in the River West or West Loop areas, Salon 833 is your best bet.