Social Media is an undeniably large part of all of our lives. However, a little more complicated is its relationship with the beauty industry. In recent years, a thriving new sector of the beauty industry has been showcased online. Beauty bloggers, vloggers and instagram stars alike are gaining as much authority as beauty brands that have been in the game for years. Amateurs can easily become professionals and the novel online audience has become a target for both bloggers and huge beauty companies alike.

So what does this mean for beauty fans? Well, basically, it’s a buyer’s market. New media has allowed the beauty industry to not only personalize their interactions with beauty aficionados, but has created a buyer’s market as well. The online forum created by beauty blogs, youtubers, instagram mwas and others has not only provided a marketplace where fans can learn more about beauty, it has created a great appraisal system that lets viewers and all those interested which products stand up. Never has there been so much transparency, and so much demand, in terms of the beauty marketplace. Beauty brands are finally beginning to listen to beauty fans, because of the numerous ways contact has been reinvented thanks to the advent of the internet and other social forums. This new form of contact and understanding has led to a wave of empowerment in beauty fans, who feel more able to make beauty requests for certain products or whatnot, than ever. And in a lot of cases, fans are taking steps to become the gurus themselves.

The online beauty community has given visibility to many beauty acts and activists. After posting her first video on Youtube in 2007, now beauty megastar Michelle Phan had over 10,000 views the next day, and over 40,000 views within a week. This showcases what is known as the scalability component of social forums. Basically, the collective audience (such as the beauty fans that Phan wowed with her initial videos) chooses what to amplify. Subsequently, videos can grow through small networks to bigger ones and so on.

Of course, the online beauty community also serves to dictate what beauty trends are popular at what time. Think about the phenomenons of ombre hair, babylights, balayage, lived in color and hand tied extensions. Probably not one of those current hair and beauty trends would be as popular as it is today without the contributions of beauty bloggers and the online beauty community as a whole.

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