2018 may be just starting, but here at Salon 833, we can already begin to predict what hairstyle trends are going to take over the salons. We provide a variety of hair and makeup services including bridal hair/makeup, hair extensions, men’s grooming and more. We pride ourselves on representing the cutting-edge of hair and make-up, so if you’re interested in following trends or creating your own interpretation, look no further than Salon 833 for all your beauty needs, especially if you live in River West or West Loop. Without further ado, here are the hairstyle trends that we think will rock the beauty world this year.



Ombre is so 2014. 2018 is the year of balayage. What is balayage, you may ask? Well, balayage is a french word that means “to sweep” or “to paint.” The pieces of your hair that have received balayage should be soft and close at the root, then showing a thicker highlight towards the ends of your hair. Balayage will be applied on the surface of the section of the hair and then is saturated throughout. You want the streak to be soft. Balayage is so cool because it allows for a beachy, sunkissed look, in contrast to the more artificial looking ombre. If you are interested in balayage, make sure you get it done right. The haircare professionals at Salon 833 are trained in balayage and will surely give you the breezy, beautiful balayage look you are going for.



You’ve heard about highlights, but what about babylights? Babylights are a new trend shocking the hair world, that will definitely have their time to shine in 2018 (no pun intended). It is a highlighting technique like splashlights, sombre or ombre, but it is certainly different and recognizable. To create babylights, delicate highlights are given using a fine hair color process that creates looks similar to the dimensional color witnessed in (the hair of) children. The process produces dynamic results, but the techniques are pretty standard. You put a little bit of hair and color in the foil, but create separations so that the babylights will blend together with the base color of the hair. It’s really not too complicated, but it creates stellar results!


Lived-In Color:

This trend is especially up and coming and you may have never heard of it. However, we’re convinced it’s about to become all the rage. This subtle, lasting manner of highlighting your hair creates color that differs greatly from that created by balayage, ombre or any other highlighting techniques. The color usually ends up on the spectrum between blonde and brown, giving shimmer and elements of the best parts of both colors. The ashy strands will work together to create a waterfall of beautifully-colored hair that you will love.


If you are interested in any of the hair trends we listed above, there’s really nowhere better in the Chicago area to pursue them than Salon 833. Our trained professionals will assist you in your goal to become the best-tressed woman of 2018!