If you’ve rocked short hair for most of your life, long hair probably seems like a fun idea; away with the bob, and in with the Rapunzel! When you decide to grow your hair out, there are a couple of practices that you should follow to avoid frizzy, split ends and an unmanageable ‘mane’. If you’ve decided that long hair is in your future, follow these tips and tricks to maintain a stunning head of hair.


You’d be surprised how much diet can play a role in the health of your hair. Just think about it: your diet will determine the health of many of your body’s systems, so why wouldn’t it affect the top of your scalp? Try adding foods that are rich in omega-3s, iron, zinc, B vitamins, and vitamin C. These are foods like legumes, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and whole grains. Try to avoid things like processed sugar and junk food. Try this salad on for size: wild salmon over a bed of kale and arugula, mixed with bell peppers, hemp seeds, cucumber, and tomatoes. Your hair will thank you!


When we think of hair health and supplements, there really is one supplement that stands out from the others: Biotin. This supplement is clinically shown to increase hair thickness and many people swear by it. Vitamin A deficiencies can lead to hair loss, so make sure to eat foods high in the vitamin such as pumpkin, spinach, kale, and sweet potatoes. As long as you have a balanced diet, there should be no room for vitamin deficiencies in the developed world.

Schedule Regular Hair-Trims

Split ends can be a real nuisance; wait too long between trims with long hair, however, and it can become a downright problem! When growing your hair out, try and commit to three or four “dustings” a year to prevent the split ends from traveling up the hair strands. You’ll only need to take about an eighth of an inch off per visit.

Try a Silk Pillow

Many experts agree that cotton can suck the moisture out of conditioned hair while you sleep. If you can’t seem to shake that dry frizz, try out a silk pillowcase! Silk will help you maintain moisture and will also help reduce friction.

Weekly Conditioning Treatments

Most stylists agree that weekly conditioning treatments are necessary if you want to get the best out of your hair, especially if you have fine, color-treated, or curly hair. Pay special attention to your split ends; these are the first to go due to wear-and-tear, and taking special care of your tips can go a long way. Ask one of our stylists about popular treatments if you aren’t sure where to begin.

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