Hairstyles are manifestations of our different personalities, if you think about it. Each one varies slightly from different person to different person, and they express the characteristics that person embodies. Think about your favorite celebrities and then think about their hair. Their hair is a reflection of their soul, their brand, of them. SZA expresses her wild, feminine nature with her riotous, long, beautiful tresses. Marilyn’s soft, golden curls manifested her sexual, glamorous, iconic personality. Perhaps you don’t want either of those hairstyles. That’s okay! Your hair is a part of your head, and you get to decide what to do with it. But you want to make an informed decision. The haircut you choose should complement your personality, but also your overall aesthetic and ideally, your face shape. So you’ve probably already identified some characteristics of your dream hairstyle based on components of your face shape, but take a moment now to conceptualize your face shape and then see which hairstyle is best for you. Obviously, this is just a guide, but we promise following these tips will give you a haircut you are obsessed with. Without further ado, here are the perfect hairstyles for you, depending on your face shape.

Round Face:

If you have a round face there are some central hairstyles you should stick to, but you can still totally play around with length. If you have a round face and are interested in a shorter cut, try something with spiky layers sliced around the crown of your head. The pixie cut will mitigate any roundness, unlike a bob which totally accentuates it. If you have a round face and are more interested in a long cut, try long, barely there layers that hang around your jaw/neck. These layers will help your hair feel fuller, instead of your face feeling fuller, which is not what those with a round face want.

Heart-Shaped Face:

If you have a heart face, there are also plenty of options for you to play around with regarding length and specific style. For a shorter look, try a pixie like Halle Berry’s, that is clipped short with short layers on the very top of your head. If you are thinking about a look that is  abit longer, go with a crop that goes to about your collarbone and includes bangs and layers. This will draw eyes away from your chin and add perspective and balance to the canvas of your face.

Long Face:

If you have a face that is a bit longer, you may want to try a bob for a good shorter cut. Or, if you want a bit of extra length, you could go for the long bob, or the lob, as it’s often called. For an even longer option for the long face, try long strands with bangs/fringe. However, the long face is usually the easiest to find hairstyles for, so the sky is really the limit!

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