Highlights have always been a popular option amongst hair salons worldwide. While many hair trends come and go, highlights have never faded from vogue. Highlighting options come with a variety of choices, and there are many different choices to pick from. Some of our most popular options include balayage and traditional highlights. You can choose between babylights, lowlights, or highlights to choose an effect that is right for you. There are a myriad of shade options to choose from, and with the right stylist, no option will be a bad choice.

Which Highlights are Right for You?

Using a hair lightener to achieve a desired shade is an incredibly common practice. You hair blowing in a blow dryer can either choose to wrap your hair in foil or use a hand-separated technique. For a natural look, our colorists will paint the mid-section to the end of our hair. While many people think of blonde as the only highlighting option, and color shade that is lighter than your natural hair color will do. For example, if your hair is auburn, adding a golden brown to your hair strands would be a fantastic and natural-looking choice.


Lowlights add a certain amount of depth to your hair shade. By utilizing a shade that is darker than your normal hair color, you can add texture to your hair that darkens the hair color’s overall appearance. Many people choose to use a darker shade of brown when they are brunette, and a darker shade of blonde when they have golden hair.


Babylights are a great option if you really want your hair color to look natural. Instead of weaving larger sections, you weave tiny ones and highlight the areas colored in a foil. The tiny sections of color blend seamlessly to achieve an overall lighter or darker hair color and appearance. It is generally called baby lights because it is often used to focus on the “baby hair” area, or the tiny hairs at the crown of the head and front of the hairline. Colorists often lighten up the hair around the hairline, creating a lightening effect that frames the face.

Highlighting Style Choices

Your natural hair color will show through no matter which style of highlight you choose. There are no specific pros or cons for each color or style; it’s simply a matter of choosing the right technique for the look you want to achieve. If you have any questions about which style or color would look best for you, contact one of our colorists today to choose the color that is right for you!